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      Senta Trading, Service and Development Co., Ltd was founded in 04th Jun 2012, business license No. 0311817073. The precursor of Senta Co. is Senta shop, Senta has provided products and services of Lotus since 2010.

With Slogal: “ Pure Forever”, the vision and mission of Sen Ta are:

- Be pioneer of trading Lotus. Through our attentive service, kindly advise, suitable and stable price, Senta help the Customers know more about Lotus.

- Researching, preservation new kinds of Lotus

- Enlarge the Lotus planting Area, bring Lotus closer to people, and order to honor Vietnamese National Flower.

- Promoting Vietnamese lotus and the value of lotus to international market.

Our products and services:


- Fresh Lotus Seed, Dried Lotus Seed, Black Lotus Seed, Lotus Roots (Fresh, dried, Slice,…), Lotus Leaf ( Lotus Leaf Tea, integrant leaf), Embryo Nelumbinis, Lotus Flower, Lotus Seedlings (Vietnamese, Thai, Victoria, Taiwan…)


- Provide planting Lotus Service at home, lake, park, common project, Industrial area, pagoda, coffee shop,…

- Design Lotus lake, planting lotus Area

- Advice how to plant and choose lotus.

Contact information:

Address Head Office: 132/16 Le Loi Str., Ward 4, Go Vap Dist, HCMC

Factory: Area 500 Apartment, Cao Lanh City, Dong Thap province

Tel: 84-8-35885799         Fax: 84-8-35885790

Email:     Website:

Hotline: 0902499930 - 0973862113

 In Ha Noi: No. 6, Alley 12/73 Dao Tan, Ba Dinh, Ha Noi

Tel: 04.629.34742/ 0987280.389