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Break dried lotus seed

ID: 267
Packing: non vacuum-packed
Weight : 1kg
Price : 60.000 (vnđ)
Description :

Break lotus seeds are separated from dried lotus seeds included shell, so they have a high level of starch, lotus seeds are rubbed clearly and excluded the young tree inside. The origins of Lotus Seeds are Dong Thap, An Giang, Vinh Long, Can Tho,…

Lotus seed (also known as Lien Nhuc) tastes sweet and cool. It acts as cardiac tonic, splenetic and stomachal tonic, sedative, often used to treat asthenia, undernourishment, insomnia, diarrhea. Besides, lotus seed contains nutrients such as: starch, sugars, protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron ... is good for brainworkers who often get stress, fear, insomnia, forgetfulness or malnutrition.

Some delicious dishes from lotus seed: Longan – Lotus seed compote, lotus seed jam, lotus seed porridge, lotus seed milk, stewed chicken with lotus seed, fried rice with lotus seed, lotus seed pie…

- Minimum supplying quantity: 50 kg

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