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Dried lotus petals

ID: 269
Packing: non vacuum-packed
Weight : 100gram
Price : 250.000 (vnđ)
Description :

- Dried lotus petals is taken from the lotus fresh .Dried lotus petals is processed manually, do not use preservatives should retain natural flavor and color.

- The use of lotus: Get lotus petals scattered in the bathtub, then soak in the tub for 15-20 minutes. You will find the scent of lotus help you relieve stress. Not only that, they will help to remove dead skin cells, skin regeneration and helps rejuvenate skin. Also, lotus petals used as a tea or porridge nerve calming effect unless sputum, frequent use, have the effect of smooth white, his face bright red, silky black hair and slow the aging process failure.

- Price may incentives than if taken in greater numbers.

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